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CslaFactory is ...

a Software Factory for Enterprise Applications
CslaFactory is a Software Factory that assists you designing and coding business objects for enterprise applications. It can dramatically speed up the whole process and simplify later changes and maintenance.

based upon Rockford Lhotkas's framework
CslaFactory generates Business Objects. Instead of writing the same kind of code over and over again, draw a model and let the factory generate the code for you. The generated classes are all partial classes, so you will be able to add custom code to your business objects as well.

superior to database-driven code generation
Using CslaFactory's DSL (Domain Specific Language) you can express complex relations between Business Objects, like aggregations, compositions and even self-references. You can also define interfaces which can be implemented by the Business Objects.

a Visual Studio integrated collection of tools
It is designed to help you quickly and consistently construct Enterprise Applications in C#. From starting a new solution, over designing and later implementing your business objects, to finally build the whole application, CslaFactory guides you along your way.

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To download and learn more about the CslaFactory, please see the official CslaFactory page and press the view demo button.

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